Friday, August 18, 2006

Made it to LHR..

While waiting in Dulles, I sat down next to a couple of fellow travelers (Ann & Millie) who just happened to be heading to Shannon as well. So we became traveling partners.. They were heading to Ireland for one of those walking tours, while I am going there to relax with my extended family (no walking tours for me!).

Getting on the plane at Dulles seemed no different other than the signs about not being able to bring liquids and the announcements about if you had bought any liquors at the duty free, you had to dring them before you got on board. There were 2 TSA people there, but the hadn't pulled anyone aside (perhaps they would have if they had

On board the flight, the flight attendent still announced that you weren't to dring any alcohol you brought on board with you (I guess they hadn't heard of the ban).

Otherwise trip was uneventful -- took my ambien and slept till we were preparing to land.

At LHR, being a Global Services member with United, I was met at the plane and they escorted (drove) myself and my traveling partners over to the flight connections center, saving *alot* of walking.

Another walk though security that didnt' seem any different than before (of course, I didn't have the typical 22" roller bag with me -- that probably would have caused a problem)

Now I wait my flight on Aer Lingus to Shannon... almost there!

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