Monday, April 23, 2007

A knife... a real knife... like the metal kind

Last night, on my United flight from Dulles to Portland, with the 1st class dinner, I was given the typical cloth napkin with the cutlery rolled up inside. When I unrolled it, I found the normal 2 metal forks and a metal spool as usual. However, instead of getting the little silver plastic knife that I've gotten since 9/11, I was given a real, metal knife (pictured, quite badly, to the left).

I looked to the left and right to see if the other passengers were also getting a metal knife -- they were, so it wasn't some accidental fluke.

I presume the FAA has removed the restriction on metal knives -- something long past due as they airlines have had bulletproof (not just knife-proof) doors on the cockpit.

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Mark said...

Yes, got them on a AA domestic flight as well.

David Recordon said...

I was a bit disappointed coming back from London yesterday as they gave us the traditional cheap black plastic knives versus the silver plastic ones in business. :-\