Thursday, May 03, 2007

April... an unusually quiet month...

I just noticed that last month, I only wrote 6 blog entries (Paul frequently hits that number in a day)... My slowest month in a long time.

This wasn't about a lack of things to write about -- there's more than enough stuff going on out there that is clearly calling out for my essential input :-). My lack of posting has been because my free time (what little there is) has been taken up by the updating of my Open Source Liberty ID-WSF implementation to have some of the functionality documented in the new Advanced Client specifications.

No, it isn't done yet, but I just had to take a breather and do something fun like post a blog article about not blogging. I'm sure Paul will find some higher meaning in my doing so :-).

But, no worries, the interoperability event is scheduled for the first week of June in Dulles, Virginia (yeah, that's a real place, not just an airport -- although the airport was first). I should have my head above water by then.

In the meantime, I'm off to Munich to participate in the European Identity Conference hosted by Kuppinger Cole. I'll be in 3 sessions there:

It should be a fun week! I hope to see many friends there.

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