Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter Mania

Today, my daughters (Lauren and Jessica) were quite grumpy when heading off to their eventing horse camp (even more grumpy than they usually are in the morning). Their problem stems from a lack of sleep as they were up till quite late last night so that they could see the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix".

The movie was great (perhaps even more so since I knew I was seeing it about 3 hours before Eve :-) -- she's on the west coast, though I wouldn't be surprised if she few to the UK just to be able to watch it last week during its world premier). Warner Brothers have done another good job transferring the magic of the book to the screen.

The movie was true to the book, fun and quite enjoyable. It felt a bit long in a few places, but the books are getting quite long as well. Of course, I haven't read the books recently so now I'm all confused about what happens in book 4 vs 5 vs 6. I guess I'll have to go back and read them again before I start in on book 7. We had to order two copies of the last few books in the series (including 7) in our house to ensure a reasonable wait time for each of the readers -- we will all read it.

What amazed me about this movie is that we got there around 10:15 or so (almost 2 hours before the star -- much earlier than we had gotten to Star Wars Episode III's midnight showing and got great seats for that movie) only to find that the theatre was already 2/3 full. The entire middle was pretty much full and we were relegated to one of the sides. Pity the people who only showed up about an hour before start time as they had trouble finding 2 seats together anywhere in the theatre.

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