Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Advanced Client Take 2

The second draft of the Liberty Advanced Client Technologies set of specifications has been published on the Liberty Alliance web site.

For those who aren't aware, the Advanced Client Technologies work is the 3rd generation of client technologies coming out of Liberty. The first generation was work that enabled a Liberty-aware client and/or proxy to participate in the SSO transactions (similar to what Cardspace does today). The second generation enabled active clients to act as WSC's in identity transactions (such as a radio or mail client authenticating with an IdP, discovering and accessing a service provider).

This third generation enables clients acting as an extension of network providers such as an IdP, and addresses the issues related to hosting full-fledged service providers (such as my own IdP, or my own Contact Book Service) on my personal client.

So, this is your chance to nail me to the wall and point out how many stupid things I've done in there (though I'm not the only contributor, I'm sure that if something stupid is in there it is my doing). Please take a look-see and let us know of any interesting things you find in there (even pointing out the many, I'm sure, English mistakes would be helpful).

Go for it!

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