Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mail Fraud

This week I've been off in the UK (in sunny, friendly Ipswich which is northeast of London) attending a Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group (TEG) face-to-face meeting. Paul and I have been giving one of the other attendees (who works for Sun, but shall remain nameless) a hard time the entire week about an interesting work item that we want him to take on.

We discussed talking to his boss offline and having our management board reps approach his boss as well and clearly had him worried about the possibility.

So I used my mail server to forge a note from his boss stating:


Robin has advised me that he can no longer participate as the co-chair of the PPEG group within Liberty. Given that Sun needs to maintain it's visibility Liberty for our customer base, Eve and I have spoken and it seems that you would be an ideal candidate to step up as the next Chair of the TEG.

We need to talk further when you're back in town.


We thought about talking directly to Bill afterwards and getting him in on it so he could send a note to the nameless one with a "Why haven't you responded to my mail?" -- perhaps he will read this and do so :-).

Moral of the story: Don't believe email, especially if the sending server isn't within your own domain. George says there should be a thunderbird plug-in that will red-flag any email coming from one of my domain, but I pointed out that I host like 15 or so domains for friends, so I could easily work around such a restriction.

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