Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Planet Earth

The Discovery Channel has started running an 11 part miniseries titled "Planet Earth", narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

We enjoyed watching the first 3 episodes (thanks to Tivo!!!!) which aired on March 25th. The show will continue to air on Sundays through April 22nd.

It's a great show and I recommend it as breathtakingly entertaining (and even educational) for the entire family.

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SunKing said...

Nice mini-series...Amazing photography. But always follow the money trail.

This show is sponsored by the biggest polluters of all…Big Energy (e.g. BP, Shell) and by Military/Industrial Complex companies, like GE. And presented by Bank of America, who seem to be getting along awfully well with said companies and the current Administration in Washington. I can guarantee that you will see no scenery of pollution…no oil landscapes ruined by bombs or depleted uranium.

So, while little Johhny is being mesmerized by crocodiles eating birds, he’s also being hypnotized into believing fictions like the one that Big Oil is actively seeking out and financing methods to lose money and proved cheap, clean fuel to you….NOT!

Subtle Disinformation!!