Friday, September 12, 2008

Paul, Paul, Paul....

Paul writes about an upcoming Liberty Alliance futsal match in Tokyo and includes:

Conor "One-Sock" Cahill, when asked whether he would be participating, responded 'Only if I can get an upgrade to First. Currently, I'm booked in business on a Triple 7 in from SFO, but I'm trying to switch that because I'm in seat 4A and I hate that seat because the power plug is about 2 inches too high and I have to unbuckle my seatbelt to reach it. I generally like 3F but the window shade was broken last time and the sun woke me up, even though I had taken my Ambien.'

Paul, everyone knows that there's no 4A on a United Airlines Boeing 777. First class stops at row 3 and business class starts at row 8. 3F isn't a window seat (3A and 3J are, though 3A is frequently reserved as a pilot rest seat, but not on the long haul triple 7 that United uses for IAD->NRT flights).

My preferred seat is, of course, 3A since they would have to pick the best, quietest seat for pilot rest, followed by it's opposite window seat 3J.

And finally Paul, you *know* that I don't sleep on the way to Tokyo. My rule for flying west is to stay awake till arrival at the hotel. In fact, I remember you telling me that you had tried doing the same and it worked for you as well.

Please try to get your facts somewhat correct when generating a fake Conor "Mr. Travel" Cahill quote. And stop ragging on me about the sock. I was in the middle of putting my shoes on when the called us together to take the picture.

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