Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What ID-TBD means to me....

For those that don't know what ID-TBD is, it's an effort underway trying to tie the umpteen different identity efforts together into an uber identity organization. TBD as in To Be Determined (as in, we don't want to argue over the name till we get agreement on the organization and organizational structure).

My main goal here is to get out of the Liberty Alliance and away from it's exotic meeting locations like Singapore, Paris, Stockholm, Tokyo, Madrid, Sydney, Rome, etc.. I have become an active member in the Liberty 50 (those of us who have put on an extra 50 pounds or more since starting to participate in the organization). I'm probably at the head of the line and perhaps hit my peak at around 60lbs (30 or so kilos for the rest of you guys outside the US).

Yes, I blame Liberty for this (not my lack of good eating habits, my desire to have hamburgers and fries for every mean -- even breakfast -- my lack of exercise, etc., etc.). It's clearly Liberty's fault. You can see it in the pictures below:

That's me in 2001, shortly before I joined Liberty. And now, after 7 years participating in Liberty:

So by exiting Liberty and joining ID-TBD, I hope/expect to be able to loose my Liberty 50 and go back to my 2001 self. Even with just the announcement of the potential organization, I've made some progress in that direction:

This is why I am sooo supportive of the new organization. It has nothing to do with messaging convergence, coordination, consolidation or any other such mom and apple pie reason for me. I just want to get out of the Liberty 50 group!

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Naveen said...

wow! i can't believe 7 years of 'Liberty' did that to you :)