Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another change in United's Mileage Plus Program

I've written about some of the changes United made to the Mileage Plus program for 2009 (most of which I don't like), but I just noticed one that hasn't been documented much of anywhere that I have found. Kind of just snuck in there.

In the past, when you qualified for one of the premier levels, that status was good through the end of February the following year (so, my 2008 1K status was good through the end of Feb 2009). However, for my 2009 1K status my card is only good through the end of January 2010 -- a month shorter.

This is probably because with all the electronic record keeping, they think they don't need the extra month to get all the records in order to determine status.

This was not mentioned in the 2009 program changes page.

We'll see if my Global Services card (which I haven't received yet, half way through the month) has the same timeframe or if it gets the extra month when my card, hopefully, shows up.

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