Friday, October 06, 2006

Gerard "Jay" Cahill (1967-2006)

Yesterday, we laid to rest my brother of 39 years, Gerard (known to most people as "Jay"). I've spend the past week with my family dealing with his death and the pain it has caused everyone. It is hardest on my parents who have now lost the 2 youngest of their six children (my sister Colleen passed away just 18 months ago).

Jay had spent much of the summer with angie and I working on my deck and patio (well, he was working, I was paying and watching :-)). We grew quite close for the first time and he even planned to join me on a trip to London for one of our cousin's wedding -- that would have been his first ever trip outside of the US of A.

While there was much mourning going on this week, there was also much celebration of the man Jay was, the father Jay was, and the friend Jay was. Many stories were told and most of them brought some laughter to all who heard.

Gerard will be sorely missed by all.

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Pat Patterson said...

Truly sorry to read your news, Conor. My condolences.

Melanie Burnham said...

Uncle Conor: Thanks for posting all the pictures from this past week. It was a sad time but was nice to see everyone again.