Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Gadget of the Week

I am definitely one of the gadget geeks who regularly tries and buys new gadgets (although it did take me a year or two to convince myself to start blogging -- mostly because the geek in me wanted to setup my own blogging server, which I did do only to change my mind and use

Anyway, this week my new toy is a Western Digital Passport 120GB Drive which I happened to notice as I roamed through the neighborhood Price Club (yeah, they're all Costco now and have been for like 10 years, but it will always be Price Club to me).

I already had one of the older 120GB passport drives where I keep all of my family photos and music collection as well as some backup data, but this new one was much smaller and sleeker, so I had to have it.

The difference in size is remarkable:

And even more so when they're inside their cases:

Between this drive and my new internal 160GB drive I now walk around with 280 billion bytes of data storage for my laptop!

I'm sure Paul will point out that WD has a 160GB version of the Passport, but that model was not available for instant gratification, so I made due with the 120GB version rather than wait a day for the 160GB version.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I thought about getting one of those but then I got a LaCie rugged 80GB.
The nice thing is that it has a triple interface so I can use Firewire 800 which is
so much faster than USB2.
But then again you'd have to switch to Mac (and get a decent OS in the process ;-) ).


PS: see, I do read your blog!