Tuesday, September 05, 2006

160 of those bad boys... and keep them comming...

Today I was running low on disk space on my laptop (I start to worry when I get to less than 20% free space) and while I was enabling compression on much of my drive, I thought I would poke around to see what's available.

I currently have an "80GB" (75GB formatted) 5400 RPM drive that came with my laptop almost a year ago (a pretty decent DELL Precision M70) and am running tight even though I have already moved my photo and music collection to an external Western Digital 120GB USB Drive (great thing for this kind of stuff)

So, after poking around a bit on the web I find the Hitachi 5K160 with a whopping 160 billion bytes (yeah, I know it ain't GigaBytes). Comes in both PATA and SATA models (my laptop has PATA, albeit an older version ATA-6 vs ATA-7 -- hopefully that won't be an issue)

I found the PATA version at AxionTech for $186 w/free shipping and ordered one right quick...

Of course, now the big question is: Once the drive arrives, do I want to do a clean install on the new drive or do I just move over the partitions and resize as necessary.

My logical preference is to reinstall, my pragmatic approach will probably be to just copy over the old partitions for now, resize them and then, perhaps, reinstall when Vista ships (yeah, I like to play on the bleeding edge there as well).

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