Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Liberty in Paris...

I'm off in Paris, France, (as opposed to Paris, Texas, which I'm sure that's what you were thinking of) for a Liberty Alliance Technology Expert Group (TEG) meeting (one of the advantages of joining Liberty is the abundance of cool places to visit for our meetings :-)).

I was traveling with one of my TEG compatriots from AOL and we had planned to be good, environmentally conscious, citizens and take the RER into Paris. Getting into town from Charles de Gaulle airport was an experience. It seemed like we waited left and right for one thing or another (first to take the elevator down to the train level, then to get a ticket from the machine -- only to find out that the machine only accepted smart cards or coins (no US Credit cards and no Euro bills accepted), so we gave up and took a taxi :-(.

Later, we were able to get one of the week long tourist metro/RER passes and plan to use it on the way back to the airport on Friday.


Of course, after catching up on email & work related stuff, we headed off to the Eiffel Tower where we ran across a Greg Whitehead look-alike (photo to the right)... Sorry to say he wasn't there


Another interesting tidbit is that we watched the police bust a guy over in the Palais de Chaillot apparantly for selling miniature Eiffel Towers illegally (not sure whatever the crime was, but they took all of his miniatures) and then as they were walking away, started giving them to people sitting around the courtyard. People would even come up to them and ask for one.

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