Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Liberty announces results of latest interoperability testing

Today, the Liberty Alliance announced the latest results in their interoperability conformance testing program where, to date, almost 75 products/solutions have achieved interoperability with other implementations.

This is important for people inside and outside of Liberty because it means that when you look to implement federated identity solutions, products from different vendors on the list will be much more likely to interoperate. Intel's first attempts to implement federation solutions (BMT - before my time) ran into several issues related to interoperability failures that would have surfaced in such testing. Had the products been through this conformance program, that would have made life much simpler for everyone.

Congratulations to the new (and old) products that have made it through the program!

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James McGovern said...

Think anyone may know the answer to this blog entry: http://duckdown.blogspot.com/2006/09/what-thought-leaders-arent-telling-you.html

Conor P. Cahill said...

Yeah, but you don't list me as one of the thought leaders, so I figured it wasn't directed at me :-)...

In any case, you don't ask an easy yes/no question in there and any response requires careful consideration.

I will post some form of a response next week.