Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Liquid Free Travel...

In todays world of TSA restrictions on carrying liquids onto planes, many have chosen to check bags that have been traditionally carried on. I have even been forced to do so (check bags) several times myself.

One of the positive effects of this is that boarding times have been reduced as people haven't had to lug/man-handle several carry-on pieces. Another is that you rarely see the gate-checked bag because of full overhead storage -- there's almost always space available up there nowadays.

On my current trip to California & Oregon, I have chosen to leave all non-prescription liquids at home so that I can carry on my luggage like the good old days. I was able to do this because:

  • I use an electric shaver and can live without after-shave.
  • All hotels that I know of have soap & shampoo in the rooms.
  • Most hotels have small packets of toothpaste available at the front-desk.

With all of that, and with a couple of topical medications I need for my psoriasis that I am allowed to carry onboard, I am able to travel without carrying any prohibited liquids and thus no wait for the checked bags at my destination.

In addition, because I frequently travel to OR (I have an office there), I have left a packet of my typical liquids so that I can use my normal shampoo, toothpaste & such for each trip (just have to stop into the office before heading to the hotel and again before heading to the airport).

I should note that this solution only works in the US on domestic flights as most international flights to the US (at least from European airports) seem to still have a restriction of only 1 carryon (which, of course, must be the computer bag).

It will be interesting to see which, if any, hotel chains step up to publicly advertise meeting this need for the business traveler -- seems like a no brainer to me.

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