Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's all in a name...

This week, hanging out with my Liberty "friends" in Paris, I learned a new French word that has a pronunciation that is very similar to my name and which some seemed to think applied quite well to my behavior.

The French term "connard" (which is pronounced like Conor, but with a rolling "are" at the end rather than the "or") is a term vulgaire which at best means something along the lines of being "jerk". My "friends" seemed to enjoy using that pronunciation for my name throughout the meeting (and I think it will probably stick for subsequent meetings). Sad to say that there wasn't a similar term like "tonnard" -- which, of course, would have been even more appropriate (just joking Tony :-).

Seems like it isn't just my poker or hockey "friends" that have affectionate terms for me :-). Some would even say my picture should appear next to the definition.

Of course, I am quite proud of having earned such distinction.

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