Friday, September 08, 2006

Impressive service..

On a trip to Intel's Hillsboro campus, I stopped in to the local Safeway on 185th street to get something for breakfast and lunch (instead of my typical visit to McDonalds (yes, Paul, I really did)).

It was early (like 6:30 am) and they were busy restocking the shelves throughout the store.

What really amazed me was how helpful and cheery everyone was. In the 10 mins or so I was in there, anytime I walked by someone, they greeted me with a "good morning"... if I was looking around at signs, they would ask "Can I help you find something" and they asked it like they really wanted to help. At another point, someone noticed my Intel badge and asked how thing were at Intel given the recent publicity around layoffs. Even when they weren't

That store's manager is clearly doing a great job getting all of their people interested in perhaps the most important job at any company -- customer service.

Job well done!

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