Thursday, September 07, 2006

Paul's "safe" lead...

In My lead feels safe, my dear, only-person-to-have-me-in-their-PeopleService-but-wont-admit-it, bestest friend, Paul Madsoooooooooooooon (like the great "It is baloooooooooon" line from F-Troop), while clearly troubled about his diminishing lead in readership, writes about the great articles he has read from my blog:

a) a stirring account of how he fixed his kitchen drawer. b) a hard & driving story describing his purchase and plans for some computer equipment.

And he goes on to speculate about possible future great, MacGyver like stories that you can expect from me:

I expect we'll next hear about some problem with his farm tractor that he was able to repair with a USB cable and a patch made from chewed-up Cheerios paste.

I am truly touched by his belief in my ingenious problem solving abilities.

All that said, he does try to stem the tide of leadership loss (and leadership only because he's been blogging close to 10 times as long as I have and started his blog with a clear readership fishing article about the great American sport of baseball) by accusing me of:

Blatant attempt at targetted marketing for those searching on 'hardware'.

I would never sex add keywords money just to get more love readership hits.

Finally, Paul closes with:

Note: I choose to believe that it was coincidence that Conor chose his blog address to begin with 'C O N' - the same three letters as does mine. Not intentional typo squatting I'm sure. I might have to revisit this opinion if Conor's metrics (number of linking blogs and Technorati rank) pass mine.

Clearly showing he's worried and I should point out that he knew my name long before he started his blog, so clearly he was thinking of me when he named his blog (he's so impressed with my strength of character that I wouldn't be surprised if, should he have a boy one day in the future, that he try to convince his wife to name the boy after me).

PS. If you want to help give Paul a hard time, feel free to add a link to this page on your blog or website somewhere -- the more the merrier :-).

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Robin Wilton said...

lol... he's running scared.