Thursday, September 28, 2006

That's not a trip...

Paul writes about an upcoming Liberty Workshop in Japan where we will both be speaking. He was, of course, quick to point out to me that he will be speaking for 40 minutes while I only have 30 minutes. Of course, he's speaking about the Liberty People Service (an old (internet-time) topic nowadays) while I'll be speaking about some new work Liberty's doing around the Liberty Trusted Module (sorry, no links yet).

That workshop is just after the Liberty Alliance's fall Sponsor's meeting in Hong Kong, so it does involve some interesting air travel.

Paul found a neat site, Great Circle Mapper which you can use to map out your trips. Paul's all-coach trip (which includes a strange connection through SGN (Ho Chi Minh City) for his leg from HKG to NRT) is below:

My totally-upgraded-to-business-class trip, on the other hand, involves going to London first. This makes it a real round-the-world trip (Washington->London->Hong Kong->Tokyo->Washington). Virtually it would look like:

But, alas, virtuality isn't reality. My real trip (for cost reasons -- $1,600 vs $4,200 or something like that) ends up being:

Yeah, I have to fly through Chicago to get to Hong Kong (total of 23 hours of flight time on that leg). The one consolation that I have is that I was able to upgrade that entire leg with a single United system-wide upgrade certificate (perhaps it qualifies as one of the longest such trips).

You can see the difference that can make when you look through the tray table pictures (our group blog is now the #3 google search result for the term traytable!).

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