Friday, October 06, 2006

Liberty announces ID-WSF 2.0

This week, while I was off handling family issues, the Liberty Alliance announced the release of the IDentity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF) 2.0 Specifications. The Liberty Web Site has a pretty cool diagram showing how all the specs fit together which is also used as an index to the various specifications that document the protocols between the various parties.

For the first time, simultaneous with the release of the specifications, Liberty has also released the Marketing Requirements Documents (MRDs) which drove the creation of the features in the protocols. These should be an interesting read for anyone who plays an Identity Specialist on TV.

My elevator speech about what's special in ID-WSF 2.0 includes:

  • Support for multi-party transactions (where I access Paul's Blog to change the posts -- with his permission, of course :-))
  • Support for maintaining (the Liberty People Service) and using (ID-WSF) social networking data in web services transactions.
  • Fully leveraged the capabilities of WS-Addressing to support synchronous and asynchronous transactions
  • And (since I'm one of the editors), an updated Liberty Discovery Service which eases the maintenance burden for WSPs managing service metadata for a multitude of users.

This is good stuff... Check it out!

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