Friday, January 19, 2007

Gadget of the week #8

My gadget this week is a present that I got for my wife for Christmas. She loves it... I love it... They've come a long way.

The Philips 9" Digital Photo Frame.

This thing has a bright clean display (so much better than my several years old 5" Digi-Frame (they seem to have gone out of business) that cost more than double the price) and holds tons of pictures on it's internal memory (if you reduce them, you can get between 100 and 150 pictures on there).

The most useful feature, perhaps, is the fact that it is powered by battery (in addition to the wired power). So when you have some friends come to visit they don't have to bend over in front of your table, you can pick it up, unplug it and let them look at the photos in their lap.

This is a great gift idea (I bought mine on amazon for $220 (although they are now listing them at $249), especially for your mother.

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Diamond Geeza said...

That's a nice looking frame. I bought an 8 inch digital frame a couple of months ago but would probably use it more if it had a battery power source. I find that I just leave it on the coffee table and don't use it as much as I should.