Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Pickup

My wife and I were talking with one of our friends about our CJ's right of passage. He also has a son (one of CJ's friends) that is also going through the same rite. We both spoke about being extra careful on the road nowadays given both of our son's being out there :-).

He also mentioned a solution to the proverbial "how many kids can you get into a single car?" problem for teenagers (yeah, there's laws against a teenage driver carrying more than one other passenger in Virginia and many other states, but kids don't always listen to laws) -- a mutual friend had the policy of providing their kids with pickup trucks only.

Pickup trucks with no extended or crew cab. The kind that only fit at most 3 people. Much stronger restriction than any law.

Seems like a good idea to me although I don't know what's up with this idea about providing a car for your kids... I had to earn my own money to pay for my own car.

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Pamela said...

Heh, my parents went the smart route. They sold me their old, beat-up, family car with lots of memories for really cheap -- and then THEY got the nice new car :)

Of course, you probably aren't driving the 1997 equivalent of a 1980 Datsun S10 station wagon, are you?



Conor P. Cahill said...

My plan when I bought my current car (a 2005 Chevy Colorado -- which is a pickup, but alas, it's a crew cab since it has to server as our backup car for my wife's Explorer) was to lend him the use of the car (not sell or give) and either share it (works since I travel so often and when home usually work from home) or get myself a new car.