Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Rite of Passage

Today my son started the traditional teenage "rite of passage" of learning to drive.

He's had his driving permit for almost 6 months and finally did some driving today (under my expert tutelage, of course :-)).

We went to a fairly quiet residential area and he did a bunch of driving around the neighborhood (we found many streets that we had never been down before). After about an hour he was getting bored. I told him that's good. Uneventful driving is supposed to be boring -- when it gets exciting, bad things start to happen.

After a while, we headed out of the neighborhood and drove into town and stopped by the nearby supermarket. He seemed to handle this pretty well (I'm still alive, aren't I?).

All without me yelling or having a heart attack... That clearly qualifies as a success in my book!

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