Tuesday, February 27, 2007

379 "identities"

It's been a while since I last posted on the number of internet identities I had. Back then, I only had 342 identities. Today, I have 379, a gain of another 37 identities over the past 5 months. That number might not be significant if I didn't already have 342 identities. At some point you would think that I had saturated the identity space and could conduct whatever businesses that I wanted to do without having to generate new identities.

Note that I am *not* including new facets to my existing identities (such as AOL's creation of an OpenID for my existing screen names) that still just counts as a single identity

Recent additions include:

  • YouTube - so I could post that wonderful Bohemian Identity video.
  • IEEE web account (yeah, I joined IEEE).
  • Wikipedia - so I could think about contributing some of my vast knowledge to the collective :-).
  • Where's George - so I could track the path of money through society.
  • RSA 2007 - they required you to create an account to attend the conference (and had this really really painful setup for wireless access at the conference that also required access to this account.
  • The IdentityGang wiki.
  • FlyerTalk - a forum for us frequent flyers.
  • The College Board - signed my kids up for the SAT.
  • Circuit City - xmas gifts.

Obviously there were more, but I lost track of the new ones in my list and that's all I could pick out easily.

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