Sunday, February 25, 2007

Web 2.0 Validation

John Kemp sent me, amongst others, a link to the Web 2.0 Validator:

I noticed that my score was quite low (only 8 out of 51), so I thought I would do what I can to join the metasystem, grab the long tail and improve my overall ratings :-).

Warning: This page is in public Beta at this point.. Don't even imagine you'll find any useful information here. It's just an attempt to get myself a better rating from the validator (and it worked!!!).

Of course, I don't understand this "less is more" mentality, but it's possible that AJAX will come to the rescue with their prototype.js file.

I even looked to put a google map here (to get a point for using the Google Map API, but it appears that blogger blocks scripts within blog entries (although I can put scrips in the template).

But I don't think I meet the 30 second rule here. Perhaps I should try using Ruby while I'm podcasting through Rocketboom, but I don't know what the RDF would be nor how to fit it into the Semantic Web. If only would find me but if not I can just keep poking around with Firefox. Perhaps when I add prototype.js to my scripts on Flickr I'll get noticed by the Venture Capitalists and they can invest money in my nitro-based micro-blog startup....

All that may be unnecessary if I can get Dave Legg to help me build an architecture of participation mash-up on

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