Friday, February 16, 2007

Hotel Rooms

I just came back from yet another trip to Portland (that's where my office is). While there, I stayed in the Marriott Courtyard as I usually do (like about 15 times in the past year). Having nothing better to do, I spent some time thinking about how Marriott could do things up for the frequent guest.

Just like airlines, I think hotels should do up some sub-set of their rooms (like first class seats in the plane) and make them available as an upgrade. And I don't mean larger rooms like the suites available at many places -- I've even had the top-floor suite at the San Francisco Marriott, but what am I gonna do with 4 rooms of space when I'm there on a business trip (I just used the bedroom).

A good business hotel, like the Courtyard, could upgrade the room contents as follows:

  • High def television w/surround sound
  • Thick cushy towels (shut up Paul!)
  • La-Z-Boy recliner w/heat & vibrating massage

I'm sure I could go on, but that would be a great start!

While they're at it, they should upgrade their reservation systems to allow the guest to select a particular room and to do the upgrades in advance using hotel points or upgrade certificates -- oh wait... That's what you it works for airlines. But hey, why not do that in hotels as well.

Guess I have to wake up now..... :-(

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