Thursday, November 16, 2006


Some people collect spoons... Some collect plates... other collect coins or stamps. Me... I collect Harley-Davidson T-Shirts (both long and short-sleeve).

There are H-D dealers all over the world and with all of my traveling this gives me something to do to help ensure the financial success of a great american company.

This week, I bought my latest T-Shirt in Columbia Harley Davidson in Vancouver, WA (just north of Portland). The design on the back of the shirt (why one buys these things) is below:

That is one of the "good kind" of dealer shirts. The back has a design that has something to do with the area (as opposed to the more boring kind that just list the name of the dealer and location -- such as the Vancouver, BC shirt that I'm wearing as I type this). I really like the local design shirts much, much better and wish all dealers had those.

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