Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Holiday Driving...

This week, we did the traditional drive-to-the-parents-house-for-Thanksgiving trip, driving up early (6AM) Wednesday morning and returning early (5AM) Saturday morning -- it was lots of fun getting the family up Saturday morning to head home, but being able to travel the 300 miles in just 4½ hours was well worth it, especially this weekend. One time in the past, the same trip took close to 12 hours when we chose to head home on the Sunday following thanksgiving.

The driving was mostly uneventful other than one guy who was driving slowly in the left lane until I went to pass him on the right. He then sped up to try to stop me from getting past him, but I got in ahead of him. He continued to sit on my bumper for a while and then flew up to pass us on the right, cut back in front of me and immediately slowed down to pace the next car in the right lane, thus blocking both lanes. He kept that up until he had to exit and then he had to rush up and cut off the guy he was pacing in order to make it over to the right lane to exit.

I guess every holiday brings some of them out of the woodwork. If I had thought about it I would have written down his plate to send him a flag on Platewire -- at least that would have allowed some venting (I couldn't curse him with the kids in the car).

Anyway, we're home-sweet-home now... No more worries about crazy drivers.

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