Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Personal Best Panoramic Picture

In fact, I should just call it my best picture ever:

This was taken back in 2001 on the coast of Ireland outside of belaha with a Canon EOS D30 (yes, the 3MP D30 as opposed to the current 8.2MP 30D). At the time, I had no clue about proper panoramic photography. I just happened to be standing along the western coast of Ireland about half way between Doonbeg and KilKee:

And the scenery looked so nice that I decided to take a series of pictures with the potential of patching them together. I didn't do any of the standard things one would do for a panoramic -- just held the camera and took a series of 9 individual shots (the original shots start here) that overlapped a bit.

This just happened to be a very lucky picture, taken on a great day with a great subject (the Ireland countryside). I've tried several times to do this again in different areas, but have never gotten one as good as this.

I printed it at EZprints (an approximately 9 foot long x 12 inches tall panoramic photograph). They did a great job. One of the prints is hanging in Igoe's Pub in Doonbeg (County Claire, Ireland). Another print is hanging in my office at Intel (I had to split it into two sections to get it to fit into my cube -- but then it gives it more of a panoramic feel sitting in the corner like that):

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