Friday, December 01, 2006

Gadget Of The Week #4

This week, I bring you the new, hot off the press Iriver Clix 4GB (the one on top in the picture below) - an update to the Iriver Clix 2GB (the one on the bottom).

This upgrade doubles the storage space and adds a black matte finish (vs the shiny white finish of the original). The extra space is well worth it, doubling the song capacity to close to 2,000 64Kbs WMA encoded songs.

Iriver has taken a page from the Apple notebook and put together some refined packaging:

I love this thing and had fit close to 1,000 songs on the 2GB version, but was running out of room to the point where I had to be more selective about which songs to put on there. Now, I don't have this worry any more.

I've used the old Clix for about a year, flying all over the world including some fairly crazy trips and really like it... It's tiny, light, has a pretty long lasting battery (I tend to get around 10 to 12 hours vs the rated 25 hours, but that may be because I'm using WMA files vs MP3) and the sound is great. My Clix and my Bose Quietcomfort Headset put me into my own quiet, music filled world while flying.

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