Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Peer Pressure is an awful thing...

It started with Eve (which figures, it's always a woman who starts trouble), then Paul, Pat, and John...

At first I wasn't going to do it... I hate those "you can't break the chain, you must send it to 5 of your friends or else bad things will happen" chain emails.. But alas, it seems everyone is doing it...

Five things you may or may not know about me:

  • I'm Irish (with a name like Conor Patrick Joseph Cahill, I would have expected you to guess that, but to know it is different) -- real full-blood Irishman born to an Irish mother and an Irish father and a true citizen of Ireland (in addition to being a US Citizen, of course).
  • My only "official" training in adulthood has been as a Chinese Linguist while in the Air Force many, many years ago. Never did much work with Chinese, but did teach myself how to play with computers at my first duty station and that, shall we say, was that.
  • I spent a good portion of my free time in my younger life volunteering in a local rescue squad as an EMT in Maryland and later as an EMT-ST in Virginia -- ran an average of about 500 calls a year until my entrepreneurial interests stole all of my free time.
  • I am a McDonald's connoisseur and have a built-in divining rod for locating the nearest one, no matter what country I'm in (and I have tasted McDonald's in many countries as I'm sure some of my fellow travelers can attest to).
  • I'm an avid Rollerblader and used to play roller hockey up regularly up until around the time I started participating in the Liberty Alliance (too much travel to hold a slot on a team). Our team even won one of the 18-and-over NHL breakout tournaments up in Pittsburgh not too long ago. Of course, I played defense -- nothing give me more pleasure than to break up a good play :-).

Now my turn to tag somebody... Let's see: George, Johannes, Peter, Robin, and Hubert (I so wanted to tag Pam, but she apparently was already tagged by Pat). I fear for what George may tell us.

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Eve M. said...

From your perspective it started with me, but I went and traced it at least five steps back from Tim Bray, who infected me with it. We may never know who started it... The important thing is, by now you've developed the antibodies!