Saturday, December 09, 2006

Is it the Cahill Blood?

My wife is sure it is. I'm not sure I can argue with her and I'm pretty sure most of the people that know us would agree -- especially if they've met my father as well.

This morning my wife, who teaches 7th grade math, was talking about a particularly hard test that she had given in her class and my daughter, Jessica, who is taking Algebra this year, perked up and said, "hey, do you have a copy of the test that I can take?".

Yes, my 7th grade daughter was asking to take a math test for a class that she wasn't in on a Saturday morning. I'm thinking that she wanted to show that the test wasn't all that hard :-).

Of course, my wife obliges her and prints out the test and Jessica digs in.

Later, Jessica's twin sister Lauren comes down and, after starting some cinnamon buns in the oven, had to jump in and get her own copy (I'm sure that she too wanted to prove how smart she was as she's taking algebra as well :-)).

And even later, after I went up and drug him out of bed so that he could take care of the dog, their older brother, CJ, comes down. CJ's a bit of a math whiz, taking multi-variable calculus in his sophomore year of high school, and seeing that his sisters weren't zooming through the test had to get a copy for himself.

Of course, after looking at it for a few minutes he had to ask my wife "Hey, what's this dot thing doing here", to which she replies "it's the multiplication symbol" and his response was "no it isn't, that's the dot product" (a concept that isn't introduced till much later in math).

I just find it quite interesting that all 3 of them found it interesting enough to take a math test for a class that they weren't in on a Saturday morning. Definately an interesting household!

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Roger Sullivan said...

I keep waiting for the results to be posted ....

Conor P. Cahill said...

I have to admit that after my wife read my blog out loud to them, they started to loose interest.

I'm not sure if any of them completed the test and I do know that my wife was too busy that weekend grading 150 or so projects from her students to do some extraneous grading.