Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Liberty 2.0

While it's definitely a marketing chosen name, the upcoming workshop on Liberty Alliance technologies and their intersection with Web 2.0 will be quite interesting (of course, you need to take that with a grain of salt since I'll be one of the speakers and I always think what I have to say is interesting -- hence my blogging).

Johannnes questions:

Is this just a bit of aggressive event naming, or is there some re-positioning going on?

It is absolutely none of the latter, but probably a bit of the former (as Paul pointed out in his typical "you have to understand him" way :-)) although I would not say it is all that aggressive given that Liberty has been talking about how to tie together multiple services on behalf of the user since day 1.

I would also say that the presentations at this meeting are more about showing how Liberty solutions solve some of the very complex problems that come when putting together multi-user, multi-provider, non-trivial, valuable services -- something that none of the other standard solutions out there today can solve.

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James McGovern said...

Curious if you have seen the GeoXACML spec (

Seems like they believe that authorization can be based on location? Should identity also have the notion of location as a dynamic attribute?