Thursday, December 21, 2006

5 Things Traceback

Eve commented on my post saying she didn't start it (boy, sounds like I'm talking to one of my kids :-)). So, I thought I would do a traceback to see if I can figure out where it started.

So, we have:

  • I was tagged by Eve
  • Eve was tagged by Tim.
  • Tim was tagged by Ugo.
  • Ugo was tagged by Gianugo.
  • Gianugo was tagged by Yoav.
  • Yoav was tagged by Jim.
  • Jim was tagged by Sam.
  • Sam was tagged by another Jim.
  • Jim was tagged by Dave.
  • Dave was tagged by Siel.
  • Siel was tagged by Ivan.
  • Ivan was tagged by Tara.
  • Tara was tagged by Stowe (and others).
  • Stowe was tagged by Irwin.
  • Irwin was tagged by Dameon (Phoneboy) (and others).
  • Dameon was tagged by Ken.
  • Ken was tagged by Andy.
  • Andy was tagged by Jeff.

Jeff appears to have started this particular chain without getting tagged (although he does say he had "heard about" Blog Tag and the 5-things-people-don't-know, it doesn't appear he was explicitly tagged by anyone).

The chain was started on December 10th (so the chain above was built in about 10 days). I'm not sure how deep other branches of the chain are, but with 19 levels above, the chain theoretically could have reached 19 trillion people if I'm doing my math right. Since I clearly new some people who had not been tagged, I'm guessing there's alot of duplication and dead ends -- some people just don't know how to have fun.

Ok, I must be really bored to track that all down, but the real excuse is that I was on hold talking with customer service from Amazon and DHL about a package that was supposedly delivered last night while we were home, but is nowhere to be seen. So, it was a fun use of my time.

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PhoneBoy said...

I'm sure Jeff Pulver will be amused his game of Blog Tag went 18 generations deep!

Brad said...

Really love this pattern of sharing five secrets about you with fellow bloggers