Sunday, December 31, 2006

The measures of 2006...

2006 closes with the following:

  • I have 249 references to my blog from 40 different blogs (as reported by Technorati) -- it was 263 from 46 locations a few days ago, but apparently some went away :-(. I'm catching up to Paul, albeit a bit slower than I would like.
  • I flew approximately 175,000 miles this year (162,285 of them on United)
  • I was able to upgrade 68 of my 70 flights on United.
  • I have flown one million+ lifetime flight miles on United.
  • I have almost one million miles in my United account (that's like 3 round-the-world, first class trips -- like I want to fly anywhere else).
  • I now have 359 Internet Identities.
  • I spent 118 nights in hotels (88 of them in Marriotts) -- not counting family visits.
  • I have almost 500,000 points in my Marriott account (good for a few weeks of hotel stays -- like I want any more nights in a hotel).
  • I have an ebay rating of 131.
  • I have 96 linkedin connections.
  • My second patent (#7,107,447) issued this year. Aleksey Sanin and I filed this patent based on some work we had done at AOL in the area of social networking.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, ended the year with 130 posts (not counting this one) in my blog that you all love to read so much :-).

Not a bad year.

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1 comment:

Pamela said...

If you really don't want those air & hotel points, I could take some of them off your hands... I can think of plenty places to fly to :) For you, dear friend, I would make the sacrifice....

Please and thanks,