Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pat asked for it

Well, Pat asked for it, so here it is: Pat Patterson and John Kemp with a Whole Lotta Love at the Internet Identity Workshop 2006B (sorry, no subtitling with this one):

That's the last of my videos from the conference (which I'm sure many of you are happy about).

I do want to point out that both this video and the frightening one were filmed using one of my former gadgets of the week: a Canon Powershot SD800IS (although Pat was the one who filmed the Frightening one as I was up on the stage then). It performed quite well given the bad lighting. Still very happy with that gadget and I've convinced several fellow travelers to buy one.

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superpat said...

All I can do is apologize to all present! :-)

Anonymous said...

Want to see PaulM wearing suit and singing in the next Liberty Plenary! :-) //carolina