Wednesday, December 20, 2006


After helping Paul get around discriminatory pricing against Canadians and find a US-priced Lego Mindstorms NXT at a local Target store in Portland (while we were at the Liberty Alliance TEG F2F meeting nearby -- that good enough Russ?), my interest in the product for one of my kids grew.

We had bought a prior version of Lego Mindstorms for our son years ago and he played with it a little bit, but never really got into it (he's much more interested in video games and now especially DDR). So it pretty much sat there and gathered dust, even as all 3 of our kids can still sit around for hours playing with Legos.

So, last week, I had our daughters out for an xmass shopping trip and as we walked around the toys aisle, I asked Jessica if she thought she might like the Mindstorms set. She looked at me aghast and said "no way". We had already fulfilled CJs gifts, so that was that. No Mindstorms for us this year.

Alas, we're still short on a nice present for Jessica, so I broached the subject with her again, asking her if she even knew what it was. When I explained that it was a robotic system where she could program it to do things, react to things, move about, etc. she still just said "huh" (like: boring!).

Shortly thereafter, as I was searching for something else to buy for her, she runs into my office and shouts (yeah, really shouts):

"Hey Dad, you can get me that mindstorms stuff... because if I learn how to control it the possibilities are endless."

Guess we're going shopping again. Of course I had to ask her if there were other things she might want (can't let her or you know if she's really getting that until after xmass, but it was still a good story -- even my wife said that I needed to blog her comment).

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