Friday, November 03, 2006

VA Marriage amendment

Next Tuesday, November 7th, Virginia voters go to the polls to vote on a proposed amendment to the Virginia constitution that is referred to as the "Marriage Amendment". The primary purpose of the amendment is to define a marriage as a union of one man and one woman and to deny any marriage-like benefits to any other combination of partners including an unmarried man and woman.

While proponents claim that this is an affirmation of marriage, it does nothing to support, improve or otherwise effect a marriage of a man and a woman (including my own 17+ year marriage to my wife -- we aren't any more safely married with that act than we are without it).

In fact, the real purpose of the act is to deny rights to a group of people -- something that seems totally out of place in a constitution.

Our constitution should be protecting the rights of Virginia citizens, especially those of a minority group, rather than denying rights.

So, when you vote on Tuesday, I hope that you vote NO on the proposed amendment. I certainly will. Don't worry, your marriage will still be safe.

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Bill Garnett said...

Thank you - I hope, come next Tuesday, more Virginians will be equally fair minded about this issue.

Paul Madsen said...

Hear hear! Any American who feels such a law appropriate should come North and wait for the Conservative government of Canada to roll rights backwards.